A real stroke of luck.

I am more than satisfied with the products from Anifit. At the moment I have been going through a difficult time with my dog. He kept having stomach pains. He moaned to himself, no longer enjoyed going for walks and preferred to hide away. An ultrasound scan revealed gastritis and a lot of air in his small intestine. Diet and medication were now the order of the day. I searched the Internet for a contact to Anifit and found Mr Kellermann. A real stroke of luck. He helped me, drew up a special diet plan for my darling and we prepared the change of food. He helped me with the order and answered my questions at least once a day, consulted with veterinary practitioners and gave me a plan that I followed voluntarily. I'm sure you know how hard it is not to be allowed to give treats, to control his food. Your heart bleeds. But when I saw the change after just a few days, it was easy. It's unbelievable what a difference such good food can make under Mr Kellermann's supervision. My dog friends are amazed at the positive change in my dog, who was already known to only crawl and lie down again and again. I am delighted with Anifit and the quality of the products, and my vet has also commented favourably on the food and the intestinal build-up treatment. I look forward to further support from Mr Kellermann best regards Christel and Schatzi

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