Nelly (gastrointestinal problems)





"Dear Anifit team,

I have good news to report about Nelly:

Since we started feeding her Anifit, she has had far fewer gastrointestinal problems. If she has to spit up, which is now only rarely the case, then at most white mucus, but no longer the whole food. Diarrhoea has also become less frequent. This is partly due to the "Gockels Duett" dish, which cleanses the intestines and ensures that they are well. Since the change of food, she has already lost 3 kg from an initial 9 kg (since April 2016). The vet thinks that Nelly is now at a good weight.

What else I have noticed:
Nelly has been on a 4-week course of brewer's yeast and Fell-Fit, which has clearly helped her because we can see it in her coat. Nelly is not yet over the hill as far as her sensitive stomach is concerned, but we are keeping at it. Together with our consultant, we'll get there!

Best regards Heidrun Czipull and Nelly
(November 2016)

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