Duffy-Diamond is doing better with ANIFIT

My German Pinscher Duffy-Diamond is an absolute gourmet.

Unfortunately, with her 8 years, my inexperience as a first-time dog owner and other circumstances, she has not been as healthy as one would wish.

Due to a digestive illness last year, I had to admit to myself that I had made a lot of mistakes when it came to healthy eating.

Renate Denger, your specialist consultant from Hesse, took the time to have a "serious" conversation with me and dispelled many prejudices.

Then your webinar came along and the switch in my head turned in the right direction.

We experimented for a long time and tried different types of Anifit to find out what was good for Duffy and what wasn't good for her.

Duffy and I have been absolutely happy for 4 weeks now, eating is a pleasure for her again and I am delighted every time the bowl is empty and I have a completely satisfied dog next to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Renate and also to you for the first-class and professional advice and the really good quality that my dog is now receiving.

Greetings from Leipzig

Mr Schröer

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