Gourmet sausage goes down very well with Fiene

Dear Provital team,

Our 9-year-old dog Fiene has been part of our family for two years now. We have tried to feed her a healthy and varied diet right from the start. With food from Anifit and Rydog, we manage this without any problems and with a very clear conscience. But sometimes we want something really special. That's why I regularly order the gourmet sausage game and horse. This is no ordinary sausage, no, it's super juicy, full of pieces of meat and smells delicious. The dog's eyes shine and not a crumb is left over. I use this sausage as a complete food, for training and I also like to give it as a gift from time to time. We have a dog-friendly office and Fiene's "colleagues" are very happy about it. Among these dogs is a female dog with a severe food intolerance. Luci can eat this gourmet sausage without hesitation as it is hypoallergenic. We can therefore confirm that it is very well tolerated.

Our Fiene would highly recommend this sausage to all other dog owners and their dogs.

Yours sincerely

Cindy Sommer

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